International Cooperation Activities

Social Work Activities

International Cooperation Activities Overview

The KDDI Foundation contributes to the smooth development of telecommunications in the world, especially in rural and remote areas in developing countries, by providing advanced technologies and know-how in the operation and maintenance of telecommunication services. It offers consulting overseas training services in a wide range of areas related to international telecommunications.

Overseas Human Resource Development

In order to provide international telecommunications services of consistently high quality, the transfer of technology to developing countries is indispensable, along with the training of human resources. In response to requests from government agencies and international organizations, the KDDI Foundation plans and executes training programs in the fields such as telecommunications technology and operation and management of telecommunications systems.

Improvement of Digital Divide by APT Pilot Project

Recently, in Information Communication Technology has been remarkable development, there are people who do not can take any advantage of Information Communication Technology and the people who can take advantage of it. As a result of these circumstances, it creates disparity between rich and poor and the gap of opportunities by the digital divide (also referred to as information gap).

The KDDI Foundation applied and conducted the “APT Pilot Project” in order to realize and contribute “a little bridge the digital divide”, in cooperation with the people of developing countries.

Consulting Services

Telecommunications is becoming increasingly important to society and the economy, and there is a need for a greater variety of more advanced services. The KDDI Foundation offers comprehensive consulting services in the field of telecommunications to ensure the success of Official Development Assistance (ODA) projects and projects proposed by international organizations, and to meet the requirements of private businesses.