International Cooperation Activities

Construction of a Pilot Network that combines femto-cell and satellite circuit (VSAT) in Republic of the Marshall Islands

The KDDI Foundation applied APT public project in 2010 and 2011 in collaboration with the Ministry of Transport and Communications, Department of Education, Department of Health and National Telecommunication Authority in Marshall Islands, and conducted the communication connection experiment by combining femto-cell*1 arranged by Japanese side and satellite circuit arranged by Marshall Islands side in order to construct connectable and inexpensive networks in two places of Majuro Atoll and Mejitto Island in Marshall Islands.

In this Pilot Project, the Pilot Network was constructed in order to realize voice and data communications for internet access from Mejitto Island by combining satellite circuit (DAMA) and a few lines of GSM mobile network that applied inexpensive and optimal femto base station for island communications, and the communication experiment was carried out. Together with the experiment, a demonstration was conducted in order to ask them to effective use of the various applications to the local residents.

*1 femto-cell: femto-cell is a very small range of calling area with a radius of about 10m. It called the Access Point Base Station in English. In this Pilot Project, the Antenna which was renovated to expand cover area to 500m is used in order to take advantage of femto base station for mobile phone as a network in islands

Aspects of equipment installation
Sudden squall during the experiment