International Cooperation Activities

Internet environmental improvement project to the island countries for literacy improvement to the Federated States of Micronesia

In the Federated States of Micronesia, although the satellite line that connects the main island had been built, the Internet environment of the island and rural area was still high fee and super-slow connection(several kbps~128kbps), and there was a delay for over two hops of the satellite link that was an island nation-specific.

At the request of the expert investigation team of ICT tele-centers deployment policy of the Federated States of Micronesia in 2008, KDDI Foundation performed the construction of the tele-centers in three regions (three province) in 2009 in collaboration with the Ministry of transport and communications infrastructure of Federated States of Micronesia. It was possible to carried out this project as public participation in APT of ICT pilot construction project, and this project was done by KDDI Foundation and Waseda University in cooperation with Ministry of Education of the local, Micronesia Telecom, Micronesia University, three provincial government, elementary and junior high school, and city halls(5 places).

In particular, classification was performed by islands and conditions of the area, and well-suited tele-center was constructed in 3 provinces (5 places). Three provinces are located at about 500km distance on a straight line as shown in the figure. These tele-centers in three provinces were connected by VPN*1 of the satellite network, and connected to the Internet gateway at Pompeii with capital. Furthermore, File Server and Cache Server were additionally installed for each tele-centers, and a part of these Servers were synchronized with other Servers.

As a result, improvement of the download speed of the internet has been achieved until 128kbps to 256kbps. In addition, in accordance with implementation of this project, the KDDI Foundation donated 20 vehicles Used-PC to prestigious school Xavier High School of local, and contributed to the literacy improvement of the island countries. Used-PC were restored and installed new software such as Windows OS, Office and virus checker by KDDI Foundation.

*1: VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, and is a technique or service of the telecommunication provider to connect the LAN using common telecommunication networks that shares bandwidth between many users instead of private circuit. This project adopted this VPN, and it was improved sensory speed compared to private circuit by connecting internet access.

It ties between the tele-centers of 1,000km East-West via satellite circuit.
Demonstration of the Video conference between Japan and others by using solar power and wireless LAN between islands (opening ceremony at schoolyard of the elementary school).