International Cooperation Activities

Wireless LAN Pilot Project in the Republic of the Philippines

The KDDI Foundation applied and conducted APT's project in order to realize a Pilot Project to build a Wireless LAN network crossing the island for the purpose of education on the need for ocean protection and rules, revenue growth of fishery and improvement of the quality of the island's education (level up for teachers) in 2006. Co-proponents were Department of Transportation and Communications, University of the Philippines (Manila and Cebu), Banta Jan City government, Santa Fe City government, three of local schools, Marine Resource Protection Center in the Philippines, and Waseda University in Japan.

The Wireless LAN equipment CF-O-SS (10mW or less output) which developed by KDDI R & D Laboratories was installed on six sites around Banta Jan island northeast of Cebu province, and wireless transmission path with a total length of about 31 km has been connected by a broadband LAN network in a cascade connection.

KDDI Foundation has also built the Internet network around the island by connecting IP telephone, Server and WEB camera into this network, and by connecting to the Internet line in the city hall. After the typhoon damage has occurred, the renewal of the system was conducted in 2011.

System configuration diagram of E-Learning System in the Philippines
Network connection between Marine Resources Conservation Center and High school of island