International Cooperation Activities

Amateur Radio (Around the world: the moon reflecting communication experiment)

Along with the discontinuation of operation of the Ibaraki Satellite Communication Center in 2006, the parabola antenna with 32m diameter was temporary released to the amateur radio so as to available, and transmitter and receiver of the amateur were connected to parabola antenna. Radio waves were transmitted and received towards moon’s surface, and communication experiments was performed with radio amateurs around the world through the reflected waves from the moon.

Voice calls was also performed in the propagation distance that takes 5 seconds near the round trip in radio waves of speed. Since the amateur radio frequency is different form the assigned frequency of the satellite communications, it was not easy task to actually connect the amateur equipment to the parabolic antenna device. Thus the lunar reflection experiment was succeeded by brainstorm ideas to each other. In the lunar reflection experiment, strong radio waves that does not seem reflection from the moon was received and communication have been made. Situation of the open experiment news has been broadcasted to the whole world by international TV broadcasting.

Lunar reflection communication experiment using 32m parabolic antenna of Ibaraki Satellite Communication Center.