International Cooperation Activities

Past Activity Results (2002-2018)

Year Project Name Related Organization Country
2018 Effective broadband infrastructure for development of communities in Dullu Municipality, Nepal Nepal: iCT4D, Dullu municipality, MoICT, NTA Japan: OCC, Global Plan Nepal
2017 Academic cloud system for the nationwide computer universities in Myanmar for ICT capacity building including countermeasures for cybersecurity Myanmar: UIT, University of Computer Studies (14 including UCSY and UCSM), YTU Japan: Fujitsu, Waseda Univ., Okayama Prefectural Univ. Myanmar
2016 The pilot project for deploying private cloud system for deploying private cloud system for virtualized laboratories for ICT higher education Myanmar: UIT, University of Computer Studies (4 including UCSY and UCSM), YTU,MoTC, MoST Japan: Fujitsu, Waseda Univ., Okayama Prefectural Univ., NICT Myanmar
2016 Studying the challenges and the proven ICT based solutions for empowering Bangladeshi farmers Bangladesh: BTRC, EATL, DAE, FAO, Local Gov. Bangladesh
2016 Open Data Referral System for Aid Dispatch in Disaster Management Thailand: TOT, Kasetsart Univ., NIEM, AIT, NSTDA Japan: Chubu Univ., Univ. of Tokyo, National Institute for Emergency, Goleta Networks Thailand
2015 Implementation of Broadband Internet Access network using the VSAT system in 3 nomadic rural area away from Internet access point, boundary of Mongolia Mongolia: ITPTA, CRC, VSAT-ISP Mongolia
2015 Joint research on traffic monitoring system for buses by applying GPS and GIS technologies to reduce traffic, induced air pollutants and emissions, jams, accidents and improve civilization image Vietnam: NIICS, MIC, Bus Company in Hanoi
Japan: Waseda University
2014 The project for deploying private cloud system for virtualized laboratories for ICT higher education (at and for UIT campus) Myanmar: UIT, MOST,MIC
Japan: Waseda University
2014 Study of Flashflood Monitoring and Early Warning System using M2M and Cloud Service, (utilizing existing technologies and products in Vietnam) Vietnam: PTIT, MIC, local gov.
Japan: Waseda University
2014 Research of Development of Mobile Applications in health, education, agriculture & social security development in Bangladesh Bangladesh: BTRC, EATL, Ministry of (health, education, agriculture and etc.) Bangladesh
2013 Study of establishing Resource Center as new concept in Republic of Nauru, where is very limited Internet connection (with installation of Optical Fiber cable in Government-LAN, in the island) Nauru: DITT, Public utility
Japan: OCC
2013 Training of Splicing Technology and study of increasing traffic Marshall: MIC, MINTA
Japan: Fujikura
2012 Joint Study of the appropriate technology and measure for installation of Tele-center at dispensary in outer island which is so isolated and decoupling from others, for health care, diagnostic and emergency FSM: DTCI, Ministry of (health, education, and etc.), Yap State government. and chiefs of Villages (Atoll) Micronesia (FSM)
2012 Research and Study of National Satellite Application in Mongolia (regrading launching preparation and application based satellite) Mongol: ITPTA,(CRC)
Japan: NICT, JAXA, JSAT, Kyusyu Institute of Technology
2012 Pilot installation of broadband access network technology in 3 Rural Areas in Bhutan for optimizing user accessibility and network operation (practical pilot installation of WiMAX, WiFi and Optical fiber at each site) Bhutan: DITT, TASHI, 3 Local governments, Schools and Dispensaries, Monastery
Japan: KDDI Engineering, OCC
2012 Study/Research of establishing Resource Center as new concept in Republic of Nauru, where there is very limited Internet connection Nauru: DITT, University,
Japan: NICT
2011 Teaching ICT and its technology including mobile communication Myanmar: MCF Myanmar
2011 Study of WiMAX installation in rural area, Bhutan, for the possible implementation and operation in mountain rural area Bhutan: DITT, BT, TASHI, Local governments at 3 sites
Japan: ITU-AJ
2011 Community Tele-center in the small Island, Installing Internet and Femto-Cell, in Marshall Marshall: MIC, MINTA
Japan: ITU-AJ
2011 Joint Research of ICT Solutions for Improving the Quality of Life of Blind people in Viet Nam
(installation of ICT center for invisible people, recommendation of its political measure)
Vietnam: NIIS, MIC, Blind school, Invisible association
Japan: Waseda University, Invisible association
2010 Construction of information-sharing and video conferencing capabilities Philippine: Marine and high schools Philippines
2010 Study of Femto cell with VSAT in Marshall Marshall: MIC, MINTA
Japan: ITU-AJ
2010 Evaluation of NW Monitoring GPL software tool for monitoring and managing of network and terminals (router, PC and WiFi equip.) Cambodia: MPTC, TC Cambodia
2009 Study of the E-Learning system using SNS futures (Sample Content: Standardization) Vietnam: NIICS, MIC, PTIT
Japan: Waseda University, TTC
2009 Pilot Installation of Tele-Center for remote education and Community in Rural Area and Isolated Islands, in Micronesia (5 centers, 3 states with satellite hop delay compensation) FSM: TCI, Ministry of education, 3 state and local governments, schools
Japan: Waseda University
Micronesia (FSM)
2009 Replacing the Wi-Fi link between KDDI schools supporting NGO Cambodia: JRFC, 2 Schools Cambodia
2007 Trouble shooting of Wi-Fi links as Internet access for schools in Previhier and Mondorkiri provinces Cambodia: JRFC, schools Cambodia
2007 Pilot installation of broadband and wide area LAN for Remote-medicine and Remote-education on community network, connected with rural and urban in Cambodia
(2 Schools and 7 Health centers in rural area connecting with central hospital and University in Phnom Penh)
Cambodia: MPTC, RUPP, JRFC, Shihanuke Hospital, school and health center
Japan: Waseda University
2006 Broadband Wi-Fi connection in schools and hospital in rural area, Mondolkiri Province Cambodia: JRFC, Local government(education), 2 schools, Hospital and center Cambodia
2006 Earth-Moon-Earth communication by using huge parabolic antenna (V/UHF radio wave communication by reflection of the Moon)
(Phone, Morse, Narrow digital)
World: VHF&UHF Amateur radio station over the world.
Japan: EME enthusiasts, MIC, JARL, (NHK international)
International Amateur Radio
2006 Study of WiMAX technology and Geometrical Information System(GIS) for sharing Disaster prevention information among local community
(Information: explosion of flood-control dike in order to prevent flood in Hanoi)
Vietnam: MIC in province, city & district government Vietnam
2005 Installation of Wi-Fi link to isolated KDDI school in rural, Previhier province Cambodia: JRFC, 2 schools Cambodia
2005 Pilot installation of e-learning and e-commerce linked with 4 schools and 2 municipals in the remote island in Bantayan islands by wireless (about 31km total 5 cascade links by less 10mW output) and Internet connection with universities in Cebu and Manila
(and research of RFID in field outside)
Philippine: Executive Office of the President, Ministry of Communication, Universities in Cebu and Manila, 2 City Offices, Marine Resources Conservation school, 3 public Schools
Japan: Waseda University
2004 Study of wireless LAN linked with university and 2 high schools in rural for remote class and e-learning in Lombok Island, and PLC Indonesia: BPPT, Ministry of education, Mataram University, 3 high schools
Japan: Waseda University
2003 Evaluation of wireless LAN feature for medical information transmission and real time video class Vietnam: Local Government, hospitals and nurses’ college
Japan: Waseda University
2002 Evaluation and study of Wireless LAN communication in rural area Malaysia: Sarawak University, local government
Japan: Waseda University